Quick Start

Woocommerce needs to be installed in order Faceproof to work.

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Login to your Wordpress Dashboard.
  3. Click on Plugins then click on Add New.
  4. After that click on Upload Plugin then click on Choose File.
  5. Select the zip file that you have already downloaded and click on Install Now.
  6. Activate the plugin.

That's it, No configuration needed!


The plugin settings are easy to understand. But if you want more explanation you can find it here on this page.

Go to your Dashboard > Faceproof .

Number Of Purchases To Show

How many orders to display ( faces ).

Message Under Faces

Add a message under the faces. Leave it empty if you don't want to display a message.

How To Fake Orders

We do not recommend doing this

  1. Create a new user ( from Dashboard or the Register Form ).
  2. Login to your site using that user's account.
  3. Buy some products.
  4. Then login using the Admin account.
  5. Go to WooCommerce > Orders and set the new orders status to Completed.

That's it.

How To Fake Orders Counter

We do not recommend doing this

  1. Go to Dashboard > Products.
  2. Select which product you want to fake its orders counter.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Scroll down to Faceproof Options > Orders Counter.
  5. Add how many orders.
  6. Click Update Button.

Leave it empty if you want the plugin to automatically calculate orders from the database.

Translating Using Poedit

There are many translation tools available, such as GlotPress, Launchpad and Pootle, but we’re going to use Poedit. Poedit is a free, easy to use open source program for Mac OS X, Windows and UNIX/Linux for editing PO files and generating MO files.

  1. Install Poedit.

  2. Open Poedit and click on Create New Translation.


  1. Go to the plugin directory > languages and salect the .po file. 503298fac73a338d9e24ecb29f9fbe62

  2. Select the language you want to translate the plugin to. aaec7a10b5bee9172ce8436a9536614e

  3. Translating a line of text is really easy. just select a word or phrase and enter your translation.


  1. After you complete all translation. save the file. BUT :

The name of the file is important because there’s a particular format you should follow.

For example, if you’re translating Chinese for China, the file should be faceproof-zh_CH.po – faceproof for the Faceproof plugin, zh for the language and CH for the country. For this file we are translating to French for France so we should name it faceproof-fr_FR.po