How Woocommerce social proof can help boost your sales

Humankind is a social animal. Without people's company, approval, and opinions, a person cannot live and thrive in this world.

That is why any smart and successful online marketer will tell you that social proof helps you win brownie points from prospects by allaying their fears about your product or service.

With Woocommerce social proof, you can rest assured knowing that your online marketing endeavors will receive a shot in the arm and take it to the next level.

Why You Need Social Proof?

Thanks to smartphone and internet penetration, consumers are getting more informed. They can search for details of anything while on the go.

Research has shown that more than 70% of Americans have acknowledged that they check reviews of products before they make a purchase.

About 63% of consumers state that they are more likely to buy a product from a website if the site displays product ratings as well as customer reviews.

So, when you display proof of people purchasing your product, it reinforces the fact that people have faith in the product and hence, have no qualms about buying it.

Research has shown that when it comes to saving money or believing social proof, people tend to go with social proof. It is more influential than saving money.

The findings of this research align with the results of many other studies that have found that people rather save themselves headaches and hassles rather than money when they want to purchase something.

Hence, if they find out that other consumers have a favorable experience with one online retailer, they will also opt for that retailer rather than head somewhere else to save a few pennies.

These statistics reveal that you should not think twice about using social proof to your advantage. However, it is important to realize that not all social proof are alike or offer the desired results.

Types Of Social Proof You Need

1- Testimonials / User Reviews

Quotes from your happy customers describing the benefits of your product or service can be a great way to convince hesitant customers.

Remember to use testimonials that are specific, not generic.

2- Ratings

Giving a product 1 star or 5 stars is something I'm pretty sure you did in the past. Showing ratings on your products or services pages help with your Woocommerce conversion rates.

Woocommerce does a great job with this type of social proof, so you don't need to worry, It is added by default.

3- Woocommerce Notification

Woocommerce sales proof is a new trend. It is actually more than a trend. It is an effective way to show your visitors that others are buying your products or service.

Imagine yourself looking for a product on the internet, and you found a website that shows you small sales proof popups of people like you buying that product.

I'm pretty sure you are going to buy from that website!

Woocommerce sales notification is one of the most effective methods of increasing conversions and sales.

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