How Woocommerce social proof can help boost your sales

Humankind is a social animal. Without people's company, approval, and opinions, a person cannot live and thrive in this world. That is why any smart and successful online marketer will tell you that social proof helps you win brownie points from prospects by allaying their fears about your product or service. With Woocommerce social proof, you can rest assured knowing that your online marketing endeavours will receive a shot in the arm and take it to the next level.

Why You Need Social Proof?

Thanks to smartphone and internet penetration, consumers are getting more informed. They can search for details of anything while on the go. Research has shown that more than 70% of Americans have acknowledged that they check reviews of products before they make a purchase. About 63% of consumers state that they are more likely to buy a product from a website if the site displays product ratings as well as customer reviews. So, when you display social proof of people purchasing your product, it reinforces the fact that people have faith in the product and hence, have no qualms about buying it. These statistics reveal that you should not think twice about using social proof to your advantage. However, it is important to realize that not all social proof is alike or offers the desired results.

The Uniqueness of Woocommerce Social Proof

Woocommerce social proof can revolutionize your online marketing efforts. It can help boost sales and ensure you and your product enjoy enhanced credibility and visibility in the World Wide Web. What you need is Woomotiv, which is a social proof plug-in. Once you install the plug-in, it will display Woocommerce live sales notifications. These are social proof notifications that anyone visiting your website can see and read. And, when this happens, it will help to boost your conversion rate. It is important to realize that Woomotiv is an authentic and genuine social proof plug-in. Hence, it is tough to fake the proof that it displays on your website. Instead, you should be asking yourself how to increase Woocommerce conversions rate. The process of increasing is quite simple. Once you install the plug-in, each time a visitor comes to your site, it fetches actual orders that other visitors have placed on your site and displays them to the new visitor. You needn't worry as your customers' privacy is maintained, as the plug-in only shows the first name and last name initial of each person.

Result-Oriented Woocommerce

Did you know that you can boost Woocommerce sales? The plug-in takes away the focus from you and places it squarely on your customers. Each customer helps you sell your product to the next one as their purchase is displayed whenever a new visitor visits your e-store or website. The social proof is displayed on your site as a popup. You needn't worry as these popups are not intrusive. Instead, they lend credibility to you and your e-store as Woocommerce social proof ensures visitors can see what other people are buying. You also save money on advertising as Woomotiv promotes you. It helps you enjoy a better conversion rate with little pop-ups than any other means of advertising.

Features of Woomotiv

The features of Woomotiv make it one of the easiest plug-ins to deploy and also one of the most effective social proof plug-ins. Real-time Notification: Your visitors are treated to actual sales that have occurred in the recent past, and this acts as a motivation to them to follow suit. Customization of Notifications: It is possible to customize Woocommerce live sales notifications based on specific parameters. So you decide what your site visitors see in the pop-ups. Easy Setup: You don’t need to configure anything. The installation of Woomotiv is simple, quick and effortless. Once the plug-in is installed, you can forget about it! The Woocommerce marketing will handle all other aspects to ensure optimal conversion rate.   Responsive Plug-in: You can rest assured knowing that Woomotiv is responsive and will be visible across all devices and operating systems. Also, you enjoy free support so that if you face a problem, our support team is there to address it by finding the aptest solution.

All You Need is Woocommerce Social Proof

Research has shown that when it comes to saving money or believing social proof, people tend to go with social proof. It is more influential than saving money. The findings of this research align with results of many other studies that have found that people rather save themselves headaches and hassles rather than money when they want to purchase something. Hence, if they find out that other consumers have a favourable experience with one online retailer, they will also opt for that retailer rather than head somewhere else to save a few pennies. This is the power and potential of social proof that Woomotiv allows you to leverage and grow your online business. It has also been observed that social proof is a bigger hit than images, even though the age-old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words! Woocommerce social proof functions as a customer’s testimonial. When you affix a picture to the social proof, it gives it more meaning and depth; it makes the social proof more believable. Seeing images of smiling customers, who are happy with their purchase, goes a long way in boosting sales and increasing conversion rate. So, if you are not using Woocommerce social proof, you are missing out on one of the most effective methods of increasing conversions and sales. So, go ahead and discover the power of Woocommerce social proof and then you will realize why the digital realm is talking about it and giving it rave reviews. It is time to transform your online marketing endeavours into Woocommerce marketing efforts, and you will witness instant results!